The Importance of Breast Cancer Research

First Annual CRC Charity Golf Tournament

The Importance of Breast Cancer Research: proceeds of the first Cancer Research Collaboration Charity (CRC) Golf Tournament will be used to support ongoing efforts of the CRC and its partners to fight cancer.

The Cancer Research Collaboration is currently preparing to host its first annual CRC Charity Golf Tournament in Mission Viejo. A great chance for golfers to play a round while supporting a worthy cause and for other supporters to engage during a dinner reception, the event is sure to be a hit.

However, while we wait for the fun to begin, it is important to take a moment to remember why the Cancer Research Collaboration is raising funds and where those funds will go.

About the Cancer Research Collaboration

More than 20 years ago, Breastlink established a small research group to coordinate ongoing research projects occurring at Breastlink centers. Breastlink research also sought to facilitate partnerships with breast cancer researchers, patients, physicians and other health care constituents.

As the research group grew and began making its own unique impression on the communities of Orange and LA Counties, it developed into an entity separate from, although still partnered with, Breastlink. Now, it is the Cancer Research Collaboration.

The Cancer Research Collaboration exists for a single purpose: to support the combined efforts of all those invested in finding new and better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. Through long-standing bonds with numerous health care constituencies, it is particularly well-positioned to break down barriers existing between potential research partners and to identify novel strategies for fostering innovation in research.

What Does the Cancer Research Collaboration Do?

Based on its organizational strengths and the needs of cancer researchers, the Cancer Research Collaboration has identified three areas where it can help to support patients and partners:

  • Fundraising to help support researchers with the many costs associated with clinical research, including a complex, but necessary, regulatory infrastructure.
  • Facilitate efforts to introduce experimental treatments in community settings so that patients outside of major urban areas have opportunity to benefit from ongoing research.
  • Establish a biospecimen repository to support research efforts into cutting-edge personalized cancer treatments utilizing molecular targets.

While there may be a long road ahead, the Cancer Research Collaboration believes that we can beat cancer together by pooling our efforts and resources. If you join the festivities at the CRC Annual Charity Golf Tournament on September 29, take a minute to remember what you’re supporting.



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