The Cancer Research Collaboration (CRC) envisions a future free of cancer. For more than a decade, the Breast Cancer Research Group, which predated CRC, has worked with patients, researchers, clinicians and other health care constituents committed to a common cause: to find a cure for and eliminate cancer. 

Research is essential to developing our knowledge of the devastating group of diseases known as cancer. Unfortunately, research is frequently performed in isolated siloes. Promising treatments under investigation are often ignored and unheard of beyond small groups of researchers, patients and clinicians. Meanwhile, some research projects continue far too long and receive far too much funding without producing meaningful data.

A more collaborative model for conducting research and sharing results would improve our chances for finding a cure and developing more effective treatments. With a strong background in cancer research, CRC has built strong bonds with numerous health care organizations, including medical device developers, pharmaceutical companies and other not-for-profit partners. 



Based on its history and its organizational strengths, CRC has identified three broad initiatives where it can most effectively help to advance cancer research:

Goal One


Identify resources and locate funds to support ongoing cancer research.

Goal Two


Promote strategies, as well as cooperation and collaboration among research partners, to foster innovation in cancer research.

Goal Three


Develop a biospecimen repository to enable more research into genetic testing and molecular profiling of cancers.

These initatives are driven by the real needs of real people – the millions of patients who have suffered, will suffer or are suffering through a cancer diagnosis. Around the globe, the search for a cure is on. By developing more cooperative relationships and sharing resources, CRC believes that:

Together We Can Beat Cancer.