Collaborative Initiatives and Partnerships


CRC Impact on Legacy to Life led by Dr. Alana Welm

Huntsman Cancer Institute

Dr. Alana Welm extends gratitude to the Cancer Research Collaboration (CRC) for its critical role in advancing metastatic breast cancer research through the Legacy to Life program. The CRC's support has enabled groundbreaking studies using unique posthumous tissue donations, significantly propelling treatment innovations. This partnership, Dr. Welm emphasizes, honors donors' legacies, marking a beacon of hope in cancer research.


A Message of Thanks and Hope from Dr. Nora Disis

Cancer Vaccine Institute

Dr. Nora Disis, Director of the UW Medicine Cancer Vaccine Institute, shares her heartfelt gratitude for the funding provided by the Cancer Research Collaboration. In this message, she explains the exciting breakthroughs in cancer vaccine research her team is making, specifically the interplay between our gut microbiome and our immune response to cancer.